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Código de acesso
Of a small workshop mechanics to the Transporting one of Vehicles, thus our history starts, the BRAZUL was established in 1960, fruit of the vision of 4 people who had initiated the transport of vehicles on carts (at the time they were lead twirling until the Concessionaires).

The small workshop approximately changedded into a complex of 15 Branch offices in Brazil and Mercosul, counting on 1,300 collaborators and capacity technique to carry 600,000 vehicles per year more than.

With a bold infrastructure and continuous improvement of new technologies, the BRAZUL has basic representation in the Logistic scene that understands the Mercosul and the market of Exportation, carrying to all the countries with padão ISO 9001 of quality.

Not obstante the new enterprise of the BRAZUL, the Anchieta Patio, are a success and represent a Logistic advance in Propagating, using advanced technology and information control of all the stages of the process.

The BRAZUL has developed new methodologies and introduced new trends to take care of to its Customers with affection and quality, one of them can be adjusted its Company!

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